Winter  Bag Trends

Winter Bag Trends

The right bag can literally hold a woman’s world and with the right bag, one can achieve everything. That’s why bags are so important for women – we look at them not only as a fashion accessory, but as something than can contain every single thing we can need at any point of time – a book, an umbrella, something to eat, money, phone, a game, makeup, extra toothbrush, sunglasses, a piece of clothing, some tissue paper, an extra pair of shoes (and if you think that’s impossible, open your bag and see how many of these stuff you have in there!).

Because bags are so important, I feel obliged to share with you some of the bag trends for the F/W 14/15 season below:

Will I shock you if I say that the first trend I’m going to talk about is the big handbag trend? Big handbags have always been and will always be on trend for the reasons I wrote in the previous paragraph. They serve as a travel bag, a makeup bag, an accessory and a statement piece all at once and every woman should have at least one enormous bag in her wardrobe to always be on top of the trend.

The next trendy bag is the briefcase one. Very stylish, elegant and office-appropriate, the briefcase bag can give every outfit a tiny bit of class and sophistication. Those types of bags are not that big, but you can easily store the things you need – phone, keys, wallet, pen and an agenda and you’ll have some space left for your makeup and sunglasses.

Envelope and folded bags have always been trendy because they are very versatile – you can wear one on lunch with your friends and in the evening change the outfit a bit and transform the bag into a clutch for clubbing. Go for bold colors and geometric pattern and you won’t make a mistake. Of course, classic clutches also will be worn this season, this time with even more sequins and rhinestones than before!

Like very year around winter, bags with leather or fur will be extremely popular. Especially bags with fur all over them, which many celebrities choose to complete their styles in fall and winter. Leather bags this year come in a different form – backpacks! So many fashionistas choose a black leather backpack to complete their outfits that today maybe everyone and their mother has such a bag. Of course, if you want to appear trendy, you should also go and buy yourself a leather backpack.

The colors of this winter go from neon yellow and orange to all the brown shades there are. We have a lot of monochromatic in the designers’ collections and, of course, the classic colors of fall and winter – reds, greens, blues and greys.


Image : Tarzhanova Fotolia

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