You Cannot Hide from Social Media

You Cannot Hide from Social Media

Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, Snapchat….  These are a few words that did not mean anything a decade ago. They did not even exist. There were no social networks of such massive scale and people were as influenced by them. The scary thing about social media is not its mere existence: it is the fast pace at which it has started to affect everything in our lives. New businesses cannot succeed without a strong social media marketing strategy. People communicate their feelings and thoughts through social media. Politics are constantly being discussed and decided through statuses and tweets. The media have infiltrated social media as well, so information flows even faster than before. Relationships are created or broken on Instagram. As a whole, there are very few people, especially in the Western World, who have not created at least on social media account in the past years.

However, people need to be very cautious with what they are doing on social media. These applications and websites can actually have a great psychological effect on people. The constant voyeurism over people’s pages can lead you to be distracted from your own personal affairs. When you are able to compare yourself to your peers all the time, you can increase stress levels in your life. Also, social media steal the excitement of meeting someone new. If you are going on a date with someone, it is highly possible that you will “stalk” him and check who they have dated before, what are their likes and dislikes, their positions on relevant contemporary issues, etc. Instead of having a conversation with the person opposite you, you are thinking about the information you gathered after the thorough research of LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Another negative side-effect is the lack of privacy you actually commit to as a social media user. We upload pictures, share videos and share our views on different brands or celebrities, but we actually have let the owners of these apps to have some rights over our most personal information. You have declared that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions, so you do not have the right to complain.

The newest app that has brought stalking to a whole new level is called Who Deleted Me. Its title is quite self-explanatory: it is basically a way to see who has unfriended you on Facebook. Around half a million people have already signed up to the app in order to check who has decided that they are not relevant to their friends list. During the past month over 300,000 have joined. The app has definitely become widely popular and it seems it is not going to leave the spotlight for a while. Actually, you will not be able to check who has deleted you from their friends’ list before downloading the app: it keeps track of your Facebook friends statistics after you have signed up to it.

Another feature of the app is that you can see the last time your friends have logged in. We are already annoyed that there is no way to go on Facebook without showing you opened it via Messenger, or Facebook itself, but this app is one additional weapon for stalkers.

So is this app a cool thing or not? To be honest, being removed from someone’s friends’ list can have a negative impact on more self-conscious and insecure people. But there is one thing everyone should understand: this is not a hostile step. First of all, when cleaning their friends’ list, they might have deleted you by accident. Also, they might have decided they want to keep it simple and have just 200 closer people as opposed to distant acquaintances that they have spoken twice in their lives. After all, some people’s main purpose of using Facebook is as a communication tool. You do not text everyone you know, right? Just your family and closer friends. So do not be offended and clean your friends’ list first thing tomorrow! Less people, less stress!


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